FGXPress Power Strips Review


It is not just Pain Relief
FG Xpress Power Strips is an up and coming natural pain relief patch that can be directly applied to virtually any constant, consistent, painful area. The PowerStrips are completely effortless to apply as the effects are nearly immediate when helping you minimize the pain in troubled areas of discomfort



FGXpress Power Strips For Joint & Back Pain

Those who have tried FGXpress Power Strips know joint pain relief is possible. Suffering from such minor, chronic, stiff health issues can drive a person crazy, as the pain can begin to be excruciating.
Infused with the high quality ingredients and artfully-formulated with most innovative-technology, these Pain Relief Power Strips by FG Xpress are known help relieve pain and aches. Leading the way is one of the biggest cataylysts in PowerStrips, Korean Red Ginseng.

Marilyn S

“A couple of weeks ago I injured my lower back. It was an old injury and every now and then it flares up. After extensive traveling and a lot of pain, I was presented with a Power Strip.I put on the Power Strip, and literally immediately the pain started subsiding. Anyone who has suffered from Sciatica or lower back pain knows how extreme that can be. To be relieved of that pain is extraordinary. It’s truly amazing!”

Rosellen L

“I love how easy FG Xpress Power Strips are to use and the results I have experienced. They eased the discomfort I felt after an injury to my ribs.”

Ellie Y

“After just 2 days of Power Strips my back feels way better! I’ve had a chronic low back pain for over 20 years… I’ve gone to chiropractors forever, acupuncture, physical therapy, pain meds, yoga… I’ve never had this immediate and significant relief.”

Keli A

“I had worn my Power Strips for about 3 days without noticing a huge difference, but on the fourth morning I woke up with a stiff neck. It felt like it was running up from my shoulder, so I placed a Power Strip across the trapezius muscle. Within 15 minutes the pain was GONE! Later that afternoon I felt the Power Strip heating up, and then noticed a tingling in the opposite hip. I smiled to myself knowing that it was creating an energetic balancing of my skeletal system. Thank you FG Xpress!”

Vince H

“I have had hip pain for years. When I walk for a long period of time my hip starts hurting to the point that I’m limping. It is something I have just lived with. This past Saturday morning I received my Power Strips and knew my wife was dragging me to the mall in Miami, so I put a Power Strip on my hip. After walking 5 hours, I had no pain! Seems way too good to be true… can’t explain it, all I can say is the Power Strip ROCKS!!!!”

Carol M

“I am loving the new FG Xpress Power Strips! I have a long-standing neck injury at the base of my neck. I put the Power Strip right over the permanent ‘knot’ and within 20 minutes, the dull ache began to subside! I stayed pain free for 6 days with one Power Strip. And as an added bonus the UTI I was dealing with, also healed. I have energy and more clarity, which means a happier, creative outlook on life!”

Kevin O

“I received my Power Strips and immediately placed one on my left arm. I had developed severe tendonitis approximately 2 months ago on my left elbow. In less than an hour I experienced a reduction in pain and an increase of mobility of my arm.

I assumed that there must be a placebo effect, it just seemed too fast. I wanted to put it to the test.I have not been able to weight lift during these 2 months and had to limit body weight exercises. I headed to the gym the next morning and did a full range of weight lifting and body weight exercises: no problem, no pain.

I have been wearing Power Strips continually and have been amazed at how ‘miraculous’ the results have been for me.”

Clisk here to see How to apply the Power Strips

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